Twin Coves Follow Up Episode

This is Twin Coves Part 2 a follow to the original podcast that focused on the event itself. This episode looks at the aftermath and the response.


2 comments on “Twin Coves Follow Up Episode

  1. Wendi Markley says:

    I appreciate everyone that brought this tearful day to life to honor my father Ed Metters and Charles Rogers Jr. I was very young and learned so much from the two Podcasts. I felt like I lost him all over again in away I have not felt before. I admire all of you that were there that day and everyone that stood by my family all the years after. I will never forget.

    1. chuck says:

      Thank you Wendi, I felt honored to be able to bring the story to life and I know all the people I interviewed were also proud to be a part of honoring Ed and Charlie. I’ll make sure to forward your kind words to all involved. -Chuck

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