Close Call: Lt. Mike Otto

In the Firefighting Legends Podcast episode titled “Lieutenant Mike Otto Interview” I talk with the retired Dallas Fire Department Lieutenant and we discuss his career in the fire service, including his near death experience in a house fire in 2006. To hear the episode, listen wherever you get your podcasts. The first photo below shows the house fire in which he was burnt. The bedroom window on the left side of the photograph is the one he exited out of after Johnny Rudder broke the glass. The next three photos show his burnt firefighting helmet and SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). The final photograph shows him with his Dallas Fire Department Rookie Class in 1983 (middle row, far left).

Mike Otto photographed just hours before the fire where he was injured. Notice the shiny new helmet in this photograph and compare it to the photo taken after the fire.

2 comments on “Close Call: Lt. Mike Otto

  1. Bob Pierce says:

    This is the real story the public rarely hears. It gives me even more appreciation for those who put their health and very lives at risk as part of their jobs. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. David Slaughter says:

    Great Interview with Mike.

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