Sound of a Siren

The year is 1963. Bud Massie and Joe Jones are both Dallas firefighters and both they, and their wives Marsha and Betty, are close friends. On Monday, August 26, Bud and Joe are riding Truck 15 in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas while Marsha and Betty are spending the day together The regular Truck 15 is in the shop, so they are riding on a 27 year old reserve truck. The truck, pictured above when it was new, was known as the Centennial truck because it was purchased for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exhibition and World’s Fair which was held at Fair Park in Dallas. This is a story of tragedy told, not from a firefighter perspective, but from a family member perspective, because a line of duty death does not occur in a vacuum; like a stone cast in a pond, the ripples expand outward.

You can hear the story by clicking the green arrow in the audio player below, or you can listen on your mobile device wherever you get your music and podcasts (Apple, Amazon, Spotify, etc); just search for “Firefighting Legends”.

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