Firefighting Legends is dedicated to preserving fire service history in general and firefighter stories in particular.

What we are not about is firefighting strategy and tactics. These are worthy subjects, but subjects covered ad nauseam in countless other books, blogs, videos, websites and podcasts.

While focused on history, Firefighting Legends is not focused on the minutiae of apparatus, tools and equipment. Rather, Firefighting Legends is primarily focused on the human interest part of the fire service. Occasionally strategy, tactics, tools, apparatus and equipment will come into the mix, but they are not the focus; people and their stories are the focus.

Firefighting Legends is interested in lessons learned as they may help firefighters up their game in the future, but strongly condemns Monday Morning Quarterbacking; that is not who we are.

You can listen to our stories through the Firefighting Legends Podcast which is available on most platforms including Apple and Spotify.

A blog post will accompany each episode of the podcast and will serve up photographs and links related to the podcast episode if there are any.

The Firefighting Legends Website and Firefighting Legends Podcast are productions of Chuck Hampton, a former Battalion Chief who served over 37 years with the Dallas Fire Department.